Emmanuel Ilesanmi Adeyeye, Simultaneous Identification and Evaluation of Amino Acid Profiles of the Male and Female Innards of Neopetrolisthes maculatus, ILNS Volume 75, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 75)
    This article reports the amino acid profiles of the innards of the male and female dry samples of <i>N. maculatus</i> collected from the Atlantic Ocean at Orimedu beach in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The analytical results showed high values of amino acids being observed in both heterosexual samples (g 100g<sup>-1</sup> protein): 8.17-8.32 (Leu), 8.35-10.3 (Asp), 17.6-18.2 (Glu) and 7.76-9.55 (Arg) with total amino acid values being greater in female innards (97.6g100g<sup>-1</sup>) than the male innards (95.5g 100g<sup>-1</sup>). These quality parameters were instructive of the quality of the amino acids in the innards of <i>N. maculatus</i>: P-PER<sub>1</sub>, (2.83-3.01), P-PER<sub>2</sub> (2.89-2.96), EAAI (88.7-89.0), BV (85.0-85.5), Lys/Trp (L/T) (3.00-5.01), Met/Trp (M/T) (1.78-3.50) and Phe/Tyr (1.04<sup>-1</sup>.65). The <i>pI</i> values were close at 5.46-5.57. In the amino acid groups (classes), the following trend was observed: class I &gt; IV &gt;V &gt; VI &gt; II &gt; III &gt; VII. For the amino acid scores: serine (0.487-0.511) was limiting in both samples on the total hen&rsquo;s egg scoring pattern; in provisional scoring pattern, Lys was limiting in both samples with values of 0.820-0.889 and in the pre-school amino acid requirements, Lys was also limiting at 0.778-0.843. In the statistical analyses total amino acid profiles as well as egg scores were significantly different between the two samples whereas quality scores in pre-school amino acid requirements and provisional amino acid scoring pattern were both not significantly different between the two samples all at r<sub>=0.01</sub>. Among the EAAs, six out of nine (66.7%) were more concentrated in the male innards and three of nine (33.3%) were more concentrated in the female. Thus the overall summary showed the male innards amino acids were of better quality than in the female as shown: male innards EEA = 46.1 g100g<sup>-1</sup> and 46.0 g100g<sup>-1</sup> in the female with corresponding TNEAA of 49.3g 100g<sup>-1</sup> and 51.6g 100g<sup>-1</sup> respectively.
    Amino Acids, Female, Innards, Male, <i>Neopetrolisthes maculatus</i>