Piotr Daniszewski, Total Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Water of Rusalka Lake in the City of Szczecin, ILCPA Volume 12, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 12)
    The progress of civilizations causes changes in the water catchment areas lakes; aquatic waters are order - phosphorus and nitrogen compounds. Level of activity alkaline phosphatase (APA) has an important impact on the chemical and biological processes taking place in the aquatic environment. APA belongs to a group of indicators, who tells us about the extent limitations to development of biomass in the tank water. Water of Rusalka lake were the subjects of 2008-2012 (July – September). Total alkaline phosphatase activity was determined seven times a year in these environments. A study of seasonal fluctuations showed that a maximum total alkaline phosphatase activity, both in the water and in the bottom sediment, occurred in spring (May) and summer (July, August).
    Rusalka Lake, Total Alkaline Phosphatase Activity, Water