Jagadish Singh, Blessing Ashagwu, Effect on L4,5 in the ER3BP when Both Primaries are Radiating with Oblateness up to Zonal Harmonic J4, ILCPA Volume 83, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 83)
    This study examines the triangular points in the elliptic restricted three-body problem when both primaries are sources of radiation as well as oblate spheroids with oblateness up to zonal harmonic J4. The positions of triangular points and their critical mass ratio are seen to be affected by the eccentricity, semi major axis, radiation and oblateness of both primaries up to zonal harmonic J4. We highlight the effects of the said parameters on the locations of the triangular points of 61 CYGNI and STRUVE 2398. The triangular points of these systems are found to be unstable.
    Binary Star Systems, Celestial Mechanics, ER3BP, Zonal Harmonics