Sukanchan Palit, The Sustainability and Future of Energy and Environment - A Vision to Target, Volume 10, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 10)
    The world of sustainability is changing rapidly. The loopholes of the laws of energy and environmental sustainability are changing and exposed in a vibrant manner. So the ultimate need is to target sustainability in a war-footing. The answers to the wide ranging question of environmental and energy sustainability is far-reaching and ground-breaking to our human society. Environmental and energy sustainability is intricately linked with sustainable development and human survival. The answers to mankind’s suffering are intricate, also at the same time visionary and bewildering. The world of unknown in the field of science and technology of renewable energy is giving place to the veritable certainity and knowledge. The plight of human society due to environmental disasters throughout the span of different nations is awesome and immense. The depletion of non-renewable resources has plunged our human society in a disastrous dilemma. Here comes the answer of environmental sustainability and energy sustainability. Environmental restrictions and regulations with the attached unbilical cord of human survival has made our human society to be more rigid and rigorous. This scientific effort highlights the important facets of renewable energy and its impact on human survival in future. The questions of environmental sustainability are varied and unanswered. So the vision of this research effort is to tackle and uncover the hidden aspects of renewable energy and the remedies behind the far-reaching questions of environmental disasters. The endeavour is wide and varied carrying an enormous promise to the answers to human survival in this age of energy and environmental uncertainity.
    Energy, Environment, Mankind, Non-Renewable, Renewable, Society, Survival