Piotr Daniszewski, Ryszard Konieczny, Evaluation of Chemical and Physico-Chemical Indicators of Water of the Starzyc Lake on the Basis of the European Union Water Framework Directive, ILCPA Volume 9, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 9)
    The work shows the evaluation of physico-chemical parameters of water Starzyc lake, based on the European Union Water Framework Directive. Research was carried out in the years 2008-2009, in the period from April to October. With each of the three measuring stations on the tested water samples were taken two separate Lakes for chemical analysis. At the place of sampling were numbered pH. Trying to test water were taken by Polish Standards. Collected water samples were fixed in accordance with the recommendations in the Polish Standards. Other indicators for the quality of the waters have been tagged within 24 hours from the moment of download attempts. Have studied lake close to neutral pH 7.64 to 7.76. All lakes in accordance with the classification of the European Union Water Framework Directive have been included in the first class. Studies have shown a diverse water quality in lakes in relation to tested indicators. By analyzing the average annual values can be noted that the pH of the water, the O<sub>2diss</sub> and the concentration of NO<sub>3</sub><sup>-</sup>showed a relatively small variation in all investigated Lakes. The level of the General Suspension in Starzyc lake the peasant was on level II class. The concentration in the surface layer of Ptot. Lake is little differentiated, is at level II and III quality class according to the classification of the European Union Water Framework Directive. The concentration of total phosphorus is 0,32-0,47 mg⋅dm<sup>–3</sup>.
    Chemical Indicators, European Union Water Framework Directive, Lake, Physico-Chemical Indicators, Water