Zbigniew Czech, Dominika Sowa, Jagoda Kowalska, UV-Crosslinkable Photoreactive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Synthesized from Butyl Acrylate and 4-Acryloyloxy Benzophenone, ILCPA Volume 8, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 8)
    The manuscript describes synthesized of photoreactive UV-crosslinkable solvent-borne acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) based on butyl acrylate (BA) and copolymerizable photoinitiator 4-acryloyloxy benzophenone (ABP) characterized by molecular mass in the range of 180 000 to 480 000 Dalton. These copolymers were tacky but possessed insufficient cohesive strength after UV-crosslinking to be useful as PSA. They resulted in materials having a balance of cohesive and adhesive characteristics required of good PSA. Some of the parameters affecting the pressure-sensitive adhesive properties of the copolymer are: amount of the 4-acryloyloxy benzophenone, molecular mass of the polymeric components, UV-reactivity and such important properties like tack, peel adhesion and shear strength.
    4-Acryloyloxy Benzophenone, Acrylics, Butyl Acrylate, Peel Adhesion, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSA), Shear Strength, Tack, UV-Crosslinking