Sanjeevan J. Kharat, Sachin M. Munde, Volumetric Properties of Sodium Cyclamate Solutions in Presence of Glucose and Sucrose, ILCPA Volume 75, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 75)
    Densities of sodium cyclamate (Na-cycl) in water and (0.1, 0.3, and 0.5) <i>m</i> (glucose/sucrose) have been measured at (298.15, 303.15, 308.15, and 313.15) K. From density values, partial molar volumes (<i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub>), expansion coefficient (<i>E</i><sup>∞</sup>), Hepler’s constant (<i>δ</i><sup>2</sup><i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub>/<i>δT</i><sup>2</sup>)<sub><i>p</i></sub>, apparent specific volumes (ASV), partial molar volumes of transfer (∆<sub>trs</sub><i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub>), doublet (<i>V</i><sub><i>AB</i></sub>) and triplet (<i>V</i><sub><i>ABB</i></sub>) interaction coefficients have been calculated. An increase in the values of<i> V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub> and ∆<sub>trs</sub><i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub> was observed with increase in the concentration of glucose/sucrose. The positive values of <i>E</i>∞ and <i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub> are due to the strong solute-solvent interactions. The positive values of (<i>δ</i><sup>2</sup><i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub>/<i>δT</i><sup>2</sup>)<sub><i>p</i></sub> suggest structure making behaviour of sodium cyclamate in water and in presence of glucose and sucrose. The positive values of (∆<sub>trs</sub><i>V</i><sup>0</sup><sub>Φ</sub>) and <i>V</i><sub><i>AB</i></sub> may be due to the interactions between hydrophilic group (–OH, C=O, and –O–) of glucose/sucrose and sodium ion of sodium cyclamate. All solutions studied exhibit sweet taste because ASV of all solutions ranges from (0.569 × 10<sup>-6</sup>) m<sup>3</sup>×kg<sup>-1</sup> to (0.626 × 10<sup>-6</sup>) m<sup>3</sup>×kg<sup>-1</sup>.
    Glucose, Sodium Cyclamate, Sucrose, Volumetric Properties