Mahammadali M. Khanusiya, Zakirhusen M. Gadhawala, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Chalcones Possessing Ring Activating Groups as Potent of Anticancer Agents, ILCPA Volume 73, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 73)
    Some novel anticancer agents based on chalcone scaffold were synthesized with potential therapeutic application for many types of cancer. Hydroxy and methoxy substitution on aryl ring of chalcone, depending upon positions in aryl ring influence anticancer and other activities. These chalcone molecules were evaluated for their invitro cytotoxic activity against five cancer cell lines including human chronic myelogenus-leukemia K-562, human breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7, human prostate carcinoma DU-145, human lung adenocarcinoma A-549 and normal VERO cell line. Most of the compounds being active cytotoxic agents and were shown to be non-toxic to normal cells. The synthesized compounds were characterized by means of their FT-IR, MASS and <sup>1</sup>HNMR spectral study.
    Anticancer, Cancer Cell Lines, Chalcone, Cytotoxicity, Normal Cell