Zety Sharizat Hamidi, M.B. Ibrahim, N.N.M. Shariff, C. Monstein, A Case Study of Explosion a Single Solar Burst Type III and IV due to Active Region AR1890, ILCPA Volume 38, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 38)
    Using data from a BLEIN Callisto site, we aim to provide a comprehensive description of the synopsis formation and dynamics of a a single solar burst type III and IV event due to active region AR1890. This eruption has started since 14:15 UT with a formation of type III solar burst. To investigate the importance of the role of type III solar burst can potentially form a type IV solar burst, the literature review of both bursts is outlined in detailed. The orientation and position of AR1890 make the explosion of a class C-solar flare is not directly to the Earth. Nevertheless, it is clear that the interactions of others sunspots such as AR1893,AR1895,AR1896, AR1897 and AR1898 should be studied in detail to understand what makes the type III burst formed before the type IV solar burst.
    Active Region, III, IV, Radio Region, Solar Burst, Solar Flare, Sun, X-Ray Region