Khalid M.A. Hamad, Afraa Ammash Kanaan, Mysoon Kamil Bnaya, Energy Dependence of the Electroproduction of Low Mass Vector Mesons, ILCPA Volume 38, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 38)
    The energy dependence of the electroproduction of low mass vector mesons has been analyzed. Two pomeron model is used assuming that the pomeron is a Regge pole. Regge amplitude for the photoproduction processes is extended to include the electroproduction. In this case the residues of the two poles are functions of the virtuality of the photon. These functions are extracted from the experimental data using the chi- square method. A reasonable fit to the data is obtained including these functions in the two pomeron model
    Low Mass Vector Mesons, Photon, Pomeron Model, Regge Pole