B. Amarababu, V. Pandu Rangadu, Development and Assessment of Polymeric Laminate Blended Composites Reinforced with Bi-Woven Aramidic Fiber, ILCPA Volume 38, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 38)
    In the present paper evaluates laminated aramidic bi-woven fibers reinforced in polyester-vinylester blended composites. The Duo polymers, polyester-vinylester were blended using in situ polymerization technique. Four planar layers were made simultaneously and keeping one over another and each layer make sure to be weighed off 15% were maintained in all layers with different orientations. Pre-assumed Layer-1(50/50) 50 %, 0º; Layer-2(35/35/30) 35 % 0º, 35 % +45º, 30 %,0; Layer-3 (25/50/25) 25 % 0º, 50% +45º, 25-45º; Layer-4 (25/25/25/25) (2 5% 0º, 25 % +45º, 25 % -45º, 25 % 90º). Tthe composite was prepared with the help of hand layup technique. Test ready specimens were the help of shearing machine in accordance with ASTM. It was observed that, polyester and vinylester had good miscibility makes combined solid material. Flexural strength, tensile strength was improved up to 3ed layer, decreases after, whereas flexural modulus and tensile modulus were linearly increased up to 4th layer. Thermal stability and glass transition temperature were also found satisfactory for all the laminated layers. Chemical resistance was good for the entire chemical except toluene.
    Chemical Resistance, Laminates, Polymer Blends, Thermomechanical