B. Amarababu, V. Pandu Rangadu, Synthesis and Characterization of Mineral Wollastonite Particulate Filled Vinyl-Ester Resin Composites, ILCPA Volume 37, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 37)
    In the present research presents influence of coupling agent 1 % triethoxymethyl silane sprayed on to the wollastonite particulate powder before it dispersed into the vinylester/composites. Firstly two different composites were developed in which wollastonite is filled with vinylester resin and same wollastonite was sprayed with coupling agent 1 % triethoxymethyl silane then filled with vinylester resin. The particle functionalization with a bi-functional coupling agent 1 % triethoxymethyl silane was observed to have a significant effect on the curing process and subsequent physical properties of the composites. Wollastonite functionalization favors the composite fabrication with a lower curing temperature as compared to the as-received particle filled vinyl ester resin composites. Thermogravimetric analysis showed an increased thermo-stability in the particles functionalized filled vinyl ester resin composites as compared to the unmodified particle filled counterparts. The uniform particle dispersion and the chemical bonding between filler and vinyl ester resin matrix were found to contribute to the increased thermal stability and enhanced tensile strength and modulus.
    Mechanical Properties, SEM, TGA, Vinylester, Wollastonite