Mohammad Reza Farahani, Connective Eccentric Index of an Infinite Family of Linear Polycene Parallelogram Benzenoid, ILCPA Volume 37, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 37)
    Let G=(V, E) be a graph, where V(G) is a non-empty set of vertices and E(G) is a set of edges.We defined dv denote the degree of vertex v∈V(G). The Eccentric Connectivity index ξ(G) and theConnective Eccentric index Cξ(G) of graph G are defined as ξ(G)= ∑<sub> v∈V(G)</sub>d<sub>v</sub> x ξ(v) and Cξ(G)=ξ(G)= ∑<sub> v∈V(G)</sub>d<sub>v</sub> x ξ(v)<sup>-</sup> where ε(v)<sup></sup> is defined as the length of a maximal path connecting a vertex v toanother vertex of G. In this present paper, we compute these Eccentric indices for an infinite family oflinear polycene parallelogram benzenod by a new method.Keywords: Molecular graphs; Linear polycene parallelogram; Benzenoid; Eccentric connectivityindex; Connective eccentric index
    Benzenoid, Connective Eccentric Index, Eccentric Connectivityindex, Linear Polycene Parallelogram, Molecular Graph