Hasan A. Hadi, An Effect Etching Time on Structure Properties of Nano-Crystalline p-Type Silicon, ILCPA Volume 36, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 36)
    This paper reports the influence of the etching time on structural characteristics of porous silicon manufactured by electrochemical etching (ECE) anodization p-type silicon wafers. Micro and nano-structural features of the samples are mainly investigated by XRD and AFM techniques. The morphological properties of PS layer such as nano-crystalline size, the structure aspect of PS layer and lattice constant have been investigated. Nanocrystals size (grain size) computing from XRD data (145 to 85) nm is resulting the increasing etching time.AFM investigations reveal increase in (RMS) roughness, Sz.(Ten Point height) and average diameter of the porous structure with increase in etching time.
    AFM, Electrochemical Etching (ECE), Porous Silicon, XRD