Zety Sharizat Hamidi, N.N.M. Shariff, The Mechanism of Signal Processing of Solar Radio Burst Data in E-CALLISTO Network (Malaysia), ILCPA Volume 34, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 34)
    Solar space weather events like Coronal Mass Ejections and solar flares are usually accompanied by solar radio bursts, which can be used for a low-cost real-time space weather monitoring. In order to make a standard system, a CALLISTO (Compound Astronomical Low-costLow-frequency Instrument for Spectroscopy in Transportable Observatory) spectrometers, designed and built by electronics engineer Christian Monstein of the Institute for Astronomy of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) have been already developed all over the worldsince 2005 to monitor the solar activities such as solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). Upto date, there are 25 sites that used the same system in order to monitor the Sun within 24 hours. Thisoutstanding project also is a part of the United Nations together with NASA initiated the InternationalHeliophysical Year IHY2007 to support developing countries participating in ‘Western Science’. Beginning February 2012, Malaysia has also participated in this project. The goals of this work is to highlight how does the signal processing of solar radio burst data transfer from a site of National Space Centre Banting Selangor directly to the Institute of Astrophysics Switzerland. Solar activities inthe low region, focusing from 150 MHz to 400 MHz is observed daily beginning from 00.30UT 12.30UT. Here, we highlighted how does the signal processing work in order to make sure that the operation is in the best condition. Although the solar activities have experienced rapid growth recently,high-level management of CALLISTO system has remained successfully manage the storage of data.It is also not easy to maintain the future data seems the number of sites are also growing from time totime. In this work, we highlighted the potential role of Malaysia as one of the candidate site that possible gives a good data and focusing on a few aspects such as optimization, and performance evaluation data and visualization.
    CALLSITO System, E-Network, ISWI (International Space Weather Initiative), Signal Processing, Solar Activity, Solar Radio Burst, Space Weather, Sun