Pravin U. Singare, Akmal L. Khan Mohammed, N.N. Dixit, Ion Exchange Equilibrium Studies of Uni-Univalent H+/Na+ and Uni-Bivalent H+/Mg2+ Ion Exchange Reactions Using Nuclear Grade Resin Indion-223, Volume 33, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 33)
    In the present investigation the uni-univalent and uni-bivalent ion exchange reactions were studied using nuclear grade anion exchange resin Indion-223 in H<sup>+</sup> form. It was observed that for H<sup>+</sup>/Na<sup>+</sup> uni-univalet ion exchange reaction, with rise in temperature the equilibrium constants K values increases from 0.01389 to 0.01855. Similarly increase in K values was observed from 0.000177 to 0.000333 for H<sup>+</sup>/Mg<sup>2+</sup> uni-bivalet ion exchange reaction. The increase in equilibrium constant values with rise in temperature indicate endothermic ion exchange reactions having the enthalpy change values of 25.55 and 51.46 kJ/ mol respectively. It is expected that the present study will provide valuable information in order to decide about the selection of those resins for efficient separation of various ionic species present in the industrial waste water effluents.
    Cation Exchange, Change in Enthalpy, Equilibrium Constant in Standard State, Indion-223, Ion Exchangers, Nuclear Grade Resin