Sukanchan Palit, Future Vision of Advanced Oxidation Process and its Immediate Efficacy - A Deep, Insightful Comprehension and a Far-Reaching Review, ILCPA Volume 33, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 33)
    Environmental engineering is moving briskly and steadily from one challenging phase to another. The world of challenges are immense as well as far-reaching. Advanced oxidation processes today stands in the midst of immense scientific vision, scientific understanding and invincible scientific challenges. The effectivity of degradation quality of ozone and hydroxyl radicals is outstanding and path-breaking. Environmental concerns and subsequent environmental regulations are the burning issues of our present day civilization. Novel separation processes as well advanced oxidation techniques are the plausible solutions for zero-discharge norms and effective environmental engineering paradigm. The question of effective environmental engineering techniques comes into the horizon of a scientist’s mind. Amongst the advanced oxidation techniques, ozonation or ozone-oxidation stands today in the new millennium as the most effective environmental engineering techniques. Wastewater treatment and provision of clean drinking water are unquestionably the primordial issues of present day mankind and the ever-alert civil society. The visionary challenges are moving from one avenue of environmental disaster to another. Environmental disaster – both manmade as well as natural has plunged our civilization to unending catastrophe. These environmental calamities are harbingers of more immense and impending environmental disasters. The scientific paradigm and the scientific domain needs rethought and needs to be restructured. In the face of these immense environmental calamities, the thrust areas of novel separation processes and advanced oxidation needs immense retrospection. In such a critical juncture of history and time, this treatise effectively addresses the questions of zero-discharge norms with respect to new discoveries in the field of advanced oxidation processes particularly the field of ozonation.
    Dye, Environment, Future, Introspection, Oxidation, Vision