Lutvo Kurić, Codes 19 and 7 in the Atomic Numbers of the Chemical Elements, Volume 32, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 32)
    Current science exclusively explores biochemical characteristics of phenomena in the nature. Therefore, it explores only biochemistry but excludes world outside of biochemistry. Unlike that science, we're offering research of the world outside of biochemistry. That's digital image of the world. What exactly is digital image of the world? Digital image of the world is an image in which biochemistry is converted to mathematics. Actually, we convert it to numbers. As soon as we convert to numbers we'll get digital image of the world. In that digital image, there is some very significant scientific information. Those are information in which is given explanation of that reality. That digital image of the world will enable current science to significantly advance it's scientific-research work and to develop top digital technologies in those sciences in a very short time.
    Codes 19 and 7, Digital Chemical Code, Digital Chemistry, Digital Periodic Table