Lutvo Kurić, Why Hot Water Freezes Faster than Cold?, ILCPA Volume 32, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 32)
    The modern science mainly treats the biochemical basis of sequencing in bio-macromolecules and processes in chemistry and biochemistry. In these informational cybernetic principles we seek to answer the following question: Why hot water freezes faster than cold These principles determine the freezing point of water. Determine that the hot water freezes faster than cold. What we did is the following: We translated the physical and chemical parameters from the language of water into the digital language of programmatic, cybernetic and information principles. This we did by using the adequate mathematical algorithms. By using chemical-information procedures, we calculated the numerical value for the information content of molecule of water. What we got this way is the digital picture of this molecule. These digital pictures reveal to us a whole new dimension of water. They reveal to us that the chemical process of this molecule is strictly conditioned and determined by programmatic, cybernetic and information principles.
    Freezing Cold Water, Freezing Hot Water, Hot Water, Water