Zety Sharizat Hamidi, N.N.M. Shariff, C. Monstein, Type II Solar Radio Burst with a Split and Herring − Bones during a Minimum Solar Activity, ILCPA Volume 32, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 32)
    A preliminary correlation study of the herring − bone type II with a type III solar burst of has been made. On the basis of this study and in combination with the observation in radio emission, an interpretation of the mechanism of the occurrence of this event has been proposed. The type II solar radio burst with a split and herring bone is occurring at the same time from 36 MHz till 50 MHz. We have noted that an individual type III burst also can be observed at 13:23 UT from 45-50 MHz. During that day, a stream of solar wind from a coronal hole on the Sun has disturbing Earth's magnetosphere creating a minor geomagnetic storm, G1 on the NOAA scale of G1-G5. In this case, the solar flare is not very high, but CME is responsible to form a solar radio burst type II. Overall, based on seven days observation beginning from 25th March 2013, the solar activity is considered as very low. The highest solar flare can be observed within 7 days is only a class of B8 flare. There was no CMEs event that directed to the Earth is detected. The geomagnetic field activities are also at minimum level. Although the solar flare event is at a lower stage, it is still possible to form the solar radio burst type II which is associated with CME event. From the selected event, although theoretically solar radio burst type II is associated with CMEs, there is no compelling solar radio burst type II without a flare. The only difference is the dynamic structure and the intensity and speed of both phenomena (solar flares and CMEs) which depend on the active region. Nevertheless, understanding how energy is released in solar flares is one of the central questions in astrophysics. This solar radio burst type II formation is the first event that successfully detected by e-CALLISTO network in 2013.
    Burst, e-CALLISTO, Low Frequency, Solar Radio, Sun, Type II