Lutvo Kurić, Codes in the Itineraries of the Planets of the Solar System, ILCPA Volume 31, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 31)
    Cosmos can be viewed from the perspective of the most advanced program, cyber and information systems and laws. Digital language Cosmos has a myriad of constants and variables, matrices, functions, vectors and determinants, which are coded information about the creation and functioning of our physical world in which we live. These are: Planetary orbits, Orbital Motion, Orbital planes, Orbital period Specifying orbits, Orbital perturbations, astrodynamics, Earth orbits, etc. The heavenly bodies move along a particular path. They have their own Perihelion and Aphelion. They have to move much on that path because the cosmic laws of the digital language does not allow them to move along another path. There is no dilemma and can not be. Evidence that follow testify and confirm that there is indeed a universal language for an exact description of which can be used systems theory and cybernetics.
    Cosmic Codes, Orbital Code, Planetary Code, Solar System