Lutvo Kurić, Digital Table of Solar System, ILCPA Volume 30, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 30)
    This paper discusses cyberinformation studies of the Solar System, in particular the identification of scientific terminology that could describe this phenomenon, that is, the study of Solar System, as well as the relationship between the astronomical language of Solar System and theoretical aspect of this system and cybernetics. The result of this research show that there is a matrix code for Solar System. It also shows that the coding system within the planetary language gives detailed information, not only on the planetary “record“, but also on its structure, configuration and its various shapes. The issue of the existence of a planetary code and coding of the individual structural planets of this system are discussed. Is the planetary information characterized only by physical, or also by cyberinformation principles The potential effects of physical and Orbital characteristics, as well as cybernetic and information principles, on the atronomical basis of Solar System are also investigated. This paper discusses new methods for developing astronomy technologies, in particular more advanced digital technology based on programming, cybernetics, and informational laws and systems, and how this new technology could be useful in astronomy, bioinformatics and other natural sciences.
    Aphelion, Digital Table of Solar System, Orbital Code, Perihelion