P.U. Singare, A.N. Patange, Study on Halide Ions Selectivity of Industrial Grade Anion Exchange Resin Auchlite A-378, Volume 30, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 30)
    The thermodynamic approach was applied to predict the trend selectivity of industrial grade anion exchange resin Auchlite A-378 in chloride form towards iodide and bromide ions in the solution. The study was conducted by performing the Clˉ/Iˉ and Clˉ/Brˉ uni-univalent ion exchange reactions under gradually increasing temperature conditions. The thermodynamic equilibrium constants K values were used to calculate the enthalpies of the two uni-univalent ion exchange reactions. It was observed that the K values for Clˉ/Iˉ ion exchange reaction were higher than Clˉ/Brˉ exchange reaction under identical experimental conditions. Also the enthalpy values for the two uni-univalent ion exchange reactions were calculated as -39.51 and -18.38 kJ/mol respectively. The high K and low enthalpy values obtained for Clˉ/Iˉ ion exchange reaction is responsible for higher selectivity of the resin towards iodide ions as compared to that towards bromide ions, when both the ions are present in the same solution.
    Anion Exchange Resins, Auchlite A-378, Enthalpy, Equilibrium Constant, Halide Ions, Industrial Grade Resins, Ion Exchange Reactions, Selectivity