Marwah M. Abdulsttar, A.A. Al-Rubaiee, Abdul Halim K. Ali, Demonstrating of Cosmic Ray Characteristics by Estimating the Cherenkov Light Lateral Distribution Function for Yakutsk Array as a Function of the Zenith Angle, ILCPA Volume 67, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 67)
    Cherenkov light lateral distribution function (CLLDF) in Extensive Air Showers (EAS) for different primary particles (e<sup>-</sup>, n , p, F, K and Fe) was simulated using CORSIKA code for conditions and configurations of Yakutsk EAS array with the fixed primary energy 3 PeV around the knee region at different zenith angles. Basing on the results of CLLDF numerical simulation, sets of approximated functions are reconstructed for different primary particles as a function of the zenith angle. A comparison of the parametrized CLLDF with that simulated with Yakutsk EAS array is verified.The parameterized CLLDF also is compared with that measured on the Yakutsk EAS array.
    Cherenkov Light, Extensive Air Showers, Lateral Distribution Function