Hiroki Hayashi, Kohsuke Kawabata, Hiromasa Goto, Synthesis of New Chiral Inducer and Preparation of Semi-Conducting Polymer Films Showing Fingerprint Structure, ILCPA Volume 27, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 27)
    We synthesised a rod like shaped new chiral inducer to construct chiral liquid crystal electrolyte solution. Next, electrochemical polymerisation was carried out in the chiral liquid crystal electrolyte solution. The surface morphology of the polymers were observed with polarising optical microscopy. Synthesis of the new chiral inducer and preparation of semi-conducting thin film in the cholesteric liquid crystal electrolyte solution were performed.
    Chiral Inducer, Chirality, Electrochemical Polymerisation, Liquid Crystals, Semi-Conducting Polymers