S.M.S. Shariar, S. Akther, F. Akter, S. Morshed, M.K. Alam, I. Saha, M.A. Halim, M.M. Hassan, Concentration of Copper and Lead in Market Milk and Milk Products of Bangladesh, ILCPA Volume 27, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 27)
    The aim of this work is to detect and estimate the level of selected heavy metals (copper and lead) in milk and milk products in Chittagong City Corporation Areas of Bangladesh. The most important milk and milk products that are likely to be an important contributor to heavy metal exposure was selected. Total 30 samples of milk and milk products were analyzed among these 20 raw milk samples was collected from 20 dairy farms around industrial area in Chittagong City and 10 milk product samples were collected from market in Chittagong City. Detection and estimation of the level of copper and lead were carried out by using “Analytikjena Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, model: ZEEnit700P, Germany”. It was found that, most of all milk samples contain copper and lead copper and lead. The content of copper in most of all raw milk and milk products were in the range from 0.02 mg/kg to 0.25 mg/kg. The highest level of copper was found 0.244 mg/kg in milk products. The concentration of lead in milk and milk products were in the range from 0.007 mg/kg to 0.02 mg/kg. The highest concentration of lead was found 0.019 mg/kg in raw milk. These values were compared with standard allowable limit and also with the corresponding values of different countries available in literature.
    Copper, Heavy Metals, Lead, Milk, Milk Products