Iman Tarik Al-Alawy, Firas Hashem Ahmed, Recommended Cross Sections and Optical Potential of Dy Isotopes for Neutron Induced Reactions at 14.0 MeV, Volume 64, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 64)
    The evaluation is based mainly on the calculations of the nuclear optical model potential and the relevant parameters which are collected and selected from References Input Parameter Library (RIPL-3) which is being developed under the international project coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The analyzing of a complete energy range has been done starting from threshold energy for each reaction. The cross sections are reproduced in fine steps of incident neutron energy with 0.01MeV intervals with their corresponding errors. The recommended cross sections for available experimental data taken from EXFOR library have been calculated for all the considered neutron induced reactions for Dy (Z=66; A=162-164) isotopes. The calculated results are analyzed and compared with the experimental data. The optimized optical potential model parameters give a very good agreement with the experimental data over the energy range 13.4-14.87MeV for neutron induced cross section reactions (n,p) for spherical Dy-162 target element, (n,2H), (n,d), (n,n+p),and (n,p) for spherical Dy-163 target element, and (n,2H) and (n,p) for spherical Dy-164 target element.
    14MeV, EXFOR, Incident Neutron, Optical Model Potential, Recommended Cross Section