Iman Tarik Al-Alawy, Alaa B. Kadhim, Sura Salim Ahmed, Simulate and Study the Effect of Compton Scattering Angle on the Radiography Inspection, ILCPA Volume 64, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 64)
    Radiography inspection have been used in this work to detects and image the corrosion in the outside surface of the pipe. Gamma ray with 0.662 MeV from <sup>127</sup>Cs source have been chosen for this inspection while NaI(Tl) detector is use to detect and collect the scatter photons with radius 6cm. A simulation follow the history of photon by using Fortran Language and concerned on the effect of Compton scattering angle on the count rate of scatter photons and on the quality of the image. The Compton scattering angles that study are in the range from (90°-100°) to (170°-180°) with step 10°. The results show that the greater count rate of scattered photons is improved in the angle range (90°-100°). Therefore, the count rate decreases with increasing the angle range especially within the range (170°-180°) which has a minimum count rate and affect on the image resolution, then it could not distinguish between the corrosion and non-corrosion region.
    Compton Scattering, Gamma Ray Inspection, Nondestructive Test, Pipe Detection, Radiography Inspection