P.U. Singare, A.N. Patange, Thermodynamics of Ion-Exchange Reaction in Predicting the Ionic Selectivity of Auchlite ARA-9366 and Auchlite A-378 Anion Exchange Resins, ILCPA Volume 25, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 25)
    The paper deals with predicting the iodide ion selectivity of nuclear and non-nuclear grade anion exchange resins. The ionic selectivity prediction was made on the basis of thermodynamic data of Clˉ/I ˉ ion exchange reaction. It was observed that with rise in temperature from 30.0<sup> </sup>°C to 45.0 °C, the equilibrium constant (<i>K</i>) values were observed to decreases from 59.77x10<sup>-2</sup> to 23.77x10<sup>-2</sup> for Auchlite ARA-9366 resins and from 9.01x10<sup>-2</sup> to 4.05x10<sup>-2</sup> for Auchlite A-378 resins. The decrease in <i>K</i> values with rise in temperature, indicate exothermic ion exchange reactions having enthalpy values of -47.87 and -39.51 kJ/mol respectively. The high <i>K</i> and low enthalpy values obtained for Auchlite ARA-9366 resins indicate their greater selectivity for the iodide ions in the solution as compared to Auchlite A-378 resins, when both the resins are present in chloride form.
    Auchlite A-378, Auchlite ARA-9366, Enthalpy, Ionic Selectivity, Nuclear Grade Ion Exchange Resin, Thermodynamic Equilibrium Constant, Uni-Univalent Exchange