Ganesamoorthy Thirunarayanan, Solvent-Free Synthesis and Assessment of Substituent Effects from IR & NMR Spectra of some Substituted Benzylidene-5-Ethyl-1,3,4-Thiadiazole-2-Amines, ILCPA Volume 24, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 24)
    A series containing ten titled compounds were synthesized by SiO2:H3PO4 catalyzed solvent-free condensation of substituted benzaldehydes and 2-amino-5-ethyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole under microwave irradiation. The yields of prepared amines are more than 90%. The synthesized amines were characterized by their physical constants and spectroscopic data reported in literature earlier for known compounds. The assigned spectral group frequencies such as infrared νC=N, C-S-C, N-N (cm<sup>-1</sup>) and NMR chemical shifts (δ, ppm) of CH, C=N have been correlated with Hammett substituent constants, F and R parameters using single and multi-linear regression analysis. From the results of statistical analyses, the effects of substituent on the above spectral data have been discussed.
    Benzylidene-5-Ethyl-1,3,4-Thiadiazole-2-Amines, Hammett Correlation, IR Spectra, NMR Spectra, SiO<sub>2</sub>:H<sub>3</sub>PO<sub>4</sub>, Solvent-Free Synthesis