Hiromasa Goto, Preparation of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals and Optical Characterisation, ILCPA Volume 64, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 64)
    Synthesis of an ionic liquid crystal (1-(6-(4-(4-<i>trans</i>-pentyl-cyclohexyl)-phenoxy)-hexyl)pyridinium chloride) showing lyotropic smectic phase was carried out. A simple reaction between phenylcyclohexane-type liquid crystal having halogen atom in the terminal and pyridine allows production of the ionic liquid crystal. The NMR measurements confirm chemical structure of the compound. Observation with polarsing optical microscopy evaluated that the compound shows fine multi-domains having fluidity. The lyotropic LC thus prepared displays smectic phase with layer structure.
    Amphotropic, Ionic Liquid, Lyotropic Liquid Crystal