Dipo Mahto, Tanveer Ali Khan, Ashok Kumar, Raj Kumar Sah, Change in Energy and Entropy of the Non-Spinning Black Holes, ILCPA Volume 23, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 23)
    In the present paper, we have derived an expression for change in entropy of non-spinning black holes on the basis of formula (E<sub>BH=</sub>K<sub>BH</sub>R<sub>5</sub>) as proposed by Kanak Kumari et al. (2010) and the formula <i>δS<sub>bh</sub>=(2П/(kc<sup>2</sup>)</i> ( Mahto et al., 2011) and calculated their values for different test non-spinning black holes.
    AGN, Energy, Entropy, Event-Horizon