Bhavesh J. Gangani, Parsotam H. Parsania, Effect of Substitutions on Thermal Behavior of Symmetric Doubleschiff Bases of 1,1’-Bis(4-Amino Phenyl)Cyclohexane, ILCPA Volume 63, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 63)
    Thermo gravimetric analyses of some symmetric double Schiff bases of 1, 1’- bis (4-amino phenyl) cyclohexane (SDSB-1 to SDSB-6) was carried out at 10<sup>0</sup> C/min in nitrogen atmosphere. Schiff bases are thermally stable up to 200-285°C and followed two step degradation kinetic. Various kinetic parameters such as order of degradation (n), energy of activation (E<sub>a</sub>), frequency factor (A) and entropy change (ΔS) were derived accordingly Anderson-Freeman method interpreted in light of nature of the substituents. The nature, size and position of substituents affected thermal properties of the Schiff bases.
    Degradation Mechanism, Kinetic Parameter, Symmetric Double Schiff Bases, Thermal Stability