Leonid Ksanfomality, “Snake”: One more Terramorphic Entity of the Hypothetical Venus Fauna, Volume 22, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 22)
    During the years that passed since the time of TV experiments employing VENERA landers (1975 and 1982), no similar experiments or missions to Venus have been performed. Analysis of treated once gain VENERA-13 and VENERA-14 panoramic images revealed (among other hypothetic living entities) a 'snake' object about 40 cm in size possessing apparent terramorphic features. The snake’s body stands out with its honeycomb, spotty surface against the stone plates close by. The ‘snake’ can be included into the list of the most significant findings of the hypothetical Venusian fauna. Apart from that, of interest is a ‘dove’ object, although details of its structure cannot be discerned. The snake’s body show slow movements, which is another evidence of the Venusian fauna’s very slow style of activity, which appears to be associated with its energy constraints or, and that is more likely, with the properties of an internal medium of its body. The terramorphic features of the fauna, if they are confirmed, may point out at outstandingly important and yet undiscovered general laws of the animated nature.
    Astrobiology, Planet Venus’ Fauna, Planet’s Surface, Space Vehicles Instruments