Michael A. Persinger, Potential Gravitational - Solar Electromagnetic Spectral Radiance Interaction as the Source of the Earth’s Background Free Oscillations, ILCPA Volume 21, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 21)
    The origins of the continuous free oscillations of the whole earth have been attributed to coupling between the solid earth and atmosphere primarily through the fundamental spheroidal mode <sub>0</sub>S<sub>29</sub> oscillation of ~3.7 mHz. The origins of these interference patterns have been attributed to an excitation source just above the Earth’s surface. However, comparable surface oscillations have been measured in the Sun’s photosphere. The cube root of the product of the gravitational constant, the spectral radiance of the sun, and the square of the frequency produced an acceleration value that was identical to the measured amplitude of the free Earth oscillations (~0.4∙10<sup>-11</sup> m∙s<sup>-2</sup>). The quantitative convergence suggests these narrow-band accelerations may emerge within the Sun-Earth system as it moves through galactic space.
    Earth’s Free Oscillations, Gravitation, NanoGals, Solar Rossby Waves, Solar Spectral Radiance, Spheroidal Modes