Abdelmadjid Maireche, A New Study to the Schrödinger Equation for Modified Potential V(r)=ar2+br-4+cr-6 in Nonrelativistic Three Dimensional Real Spaces and Phases, Volume 61, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 61)
    In present work, by applying Boopp’s shift method and standard perturbation theory we have generated exact nonrelativistic bound states solution for a modified potential (see formula in paper) in both three dimensional noncommutative space and phase (NC: 3D-RSP) at first order of two two infinitesimal parameters antisymmetric (see formula in paper), we have also derived the corresponding noncommutative Hamiltonian.
    Anharmonic Potential, Boopp’s Shift Method, Harmonic Potential, Noncommutative Phase, Noncommutative Space, Schrödinger Equation, Star Product