Vinay S. Sharma, R.B. Patel, Synthesis of Liquid Crystals with Substituents in Terminal Benzene Cores and their Mesomorphic Behaviour, ILCPA Volume 58, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 58)
    A new homologous series consisting of thirteen homologues central ester and chalcone linkage with Pentyloxy side chain at terminal benzene ring is synthesized and their mesomorphic properties are studied, with the exception of the methyl, ethyl and propyl homologues. However, the rest of homologues show mesomorphism enantiotropically manner with exhibition of nematic phase. The texture image of the nematic mesophases is observed by optical polarizing microscope equipped with heating stage (POM) is threaded or Schlieren type. An odd-even effect is observed in the nematic-isotropic curve with alternation in transition temperatures. The mesomorphic properties of the novel series are compared with other structurally similar homologous series. Analytical and spectral data confirm the molecular structure of the compounds.
    Liquid Crystal, Mesophase, Nematic, Smectic