M. Troudi, Abdelghani Mahmoudi, N. Sghaier, A. Soltani, Theoretical Modeling of a Photodetector Based on Ballistic Carbone Nanotube with VHDL-AMS, ILCPA Volume 55, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 55)
    In this paper we present a new VHDL-AMS model of carbone nanotube field effect transistor for photo-detection application: (photo-CNTFET). Contrary to classical photodetectors, the photo-CNTFET has the potential to work on a wide range of optical frequencies and high quantum efficiency and can be used as a highly sensitive and rapid response photodetector. Based on its excellent conductivity and very low capacitance, Carbon nanotubes provide highly mobile electrons and low noise in the system. The simulation results obtained in the present paper has shown its relevance as precise and fast tool to investigate the effects of photoexcitation on Ids-Vds characteristics of the photo-CNTFET. We have present results obtained after variation of power illumination and light beam wavelength.
    Ballistic Carbone, Photodetector Based, Theoretical Modeling, VHDL-AMS