Iman Hmood Abdullah, Inaam H. Kadhim, Najlaa Mohammed, Study the Expense of Long-Term and Relative to Alpha Particles and Protons among the Various Elements, ILCPA Volume 54, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 54)
    In this research study theory to calculate the range of alpha particles and protons with atomic number (1,2) through the passage in the media watchdog of the elements (Lanthanum La and Samarium Sm and AlerdiomEr and Altantalm Ta and gold Au, Lead Pb and uranium U) with atomic numbers (57.62, 68,73,82,92) the results showed that the extent of alpha particles and protons in these circles depends on Quicken goals Atomic exponentially in addition, we find that the term proportional directly proportional to the charged particle energy as well as its dependence on the mass and charge density of the charged particle. The curves showed that the extent of alpha particles and protons increases with increasing energy, although theoretical calculations of the extent of all the shells passers in goals Atomic Energy held in extent (0.3-100MeV) for protons, while Alpha is the extent (1.6-100MeV). As for the term relative lost by each of the alpha particles and protons in goals (IAEA) (La, Sm, Er, Ta, Au, Pb, U). And compared the results obtained to the extent with the results of the program SRIM2003 Tests showed good agreement with the use of the equation, especially due to the difficulty in obtaining results of the process over. A computer program has been adopted in the Matlab programming language equations for calculating the range to get the desired results and that is described as graphs.
    Algesimitan, Alpha Particles, MATLAB, Program SRIM2003