Abderrahmane Ibhi, Meteors and Meteorite Falls in Morocco, ILCPA Volume 17, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 17)
    During the last eighty years, thirteen meteorite falls were recorded in Morocco, which ten are well documented and named Douar Mghila, Oued el Hadjar, Itqiy, Zag, Bensour, Oum Dreyga, Benguerir, Tamdakht, Tissint and Aoussred. It represent only 0.011% of the Moroccan declared meteorites.The authenticated observed falls represent three types of different meteorites, eight ordinary chondrites (Four of type LL, three of type H and one of type EH), one carbonaceous chondrite and one Shergottite basaltic achondrites. The Morocco meteorite fall recovery rate, during the past eighty years, is low 0.11 falls per year on average per 2.11 km<sup>2</sup> (or approximately one fall recovery per 10 year time interval).
    Bright Bolide, Fall, Meteor, Meteorite, Morocco