Khalid Haneen Abass, Baidaa Y. Mohammed, Azhar N. Rehem, Dalia J. Oleiwi, Measurement of Soil-Gas Radon in Some Areasof Iraq Using Nuclear Track Detector CR-39, ILCPA Volume 53, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 53)
    The health hazards of the radioactive gas radon on general public are well known. In order to understand the level and distribution of <sup>222</sup>Rn concentrations in soil-gas in Babil province, we have measured the radon gas concentration in soil samples of different areas in Babylon (Al-werdeiaa, Al-seiahy, Al-Thewrae, Al-muhendisen, Al-keliss, Nadeer) by using alpha-emitters registrations which are emitted from radon gas in nuclear track detector (CR-39). The obtained results have shown that the highest average radon gas concentration in soil sample was found in Al-muhendisen and Al-werdeiaa samples, which was (32.75 Bq/m<sup>3</sup>), while the lowest average radon gas concentration in soil samples was found in Nadeer sample, which was (25.85 Bq/m<sup>3</sup>). The present results show that the radon gas concentration in all soil samples is below the allowed limit from (International Commission of Radiation Protection) (ICRP) agency.
    Measurement, Soil-Gas Radon, Using Nuclear Track Detector CR-39