Abderrahmane Ibhi, New Mars Meteorite Fall in Marocco: Final Strewn Field, ILCPA Volume 16, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 16)
    The Tissint fireball is the only fireball to have been observed and reported by numerous witnesses across the south-east of Morocco. The event was extremely valuable to the scientific community; show an extraordinary and rare event and were also the brightest and most comprehensively observed fireball in Morocco’s known astronomical history. Since the abstract of A. Ibhi (2011) [1]. In 2012-2013 concerning a number of Martian meteorite fragments found in the region of Tata (Morocco), a number of expeditions have been made to the area. A. ibhi has done a great amount of field work. He discovered the strewn field and collected the fragments of this Martian meteorite and many information. Each expedition has had the effect of expanding the size of the strewn field which is now documented to cover more than 70 sq. kilometers. The size of the strewn field is now estimated to be about a 17 km long.
    Fireball, Martian Meteorite, Morocco, Shergottite, Strewn Field, Tissint