Piotr Daniszewski, Water Quality of the Surfaces Waters of the Strazym Lake, ILCPA Volume 3, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 3)
    To estimate differentiation of water chemistry in reservoirs of Strażym Lake, in time of 2008. In arbitrary appointed times 19 physical and chemical indicators of water quality were determined to evaluate general status and water condition (temperature, pH, concentration of dissolved oxygen and saturation by O<sub>2</sub>, solid residue, residue after ignition), trophy (concentrations of NO<sub>3</sub>ˉ, NO<sub>2</sub>ˉ, NH<sub>4</sub><sup>+</sup>, PO<sub>4</sub><sup>3–</sup><sub>dissolved.</sub>, P<sub>tot.</sub>), and mineralization (specyfic electrolytic conductivity, total hardness and separately concentrations of Ca<sup>2+</sup>, Mg<sup>2+</sup> and Clˉ, SO<sub>4</sub><sup>2–</sup>, total concentrations of Fe and Mn).
    Lakes, Natural Water Quality, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Strazym Lake