Hassane Nachit, Abderrahmane Ibhi, Carmela Vaccaro, The Imilchil Meteorite Strewn Field and Isli-Agoudal Craters, ILCPA Volume 16, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 16)
    New meteorite prospections at different places in the region of Imilchil showed that (1) besides the Ataxite of Tasraft all the other collected specimens belong to the same and only IIAB iron mother meteorite (2) the strewn field of the meteorite has a length of about 38 km into north-south direction (3) the small crater of Agoudal as well as the impact crater of Isli are situated on a parallel north-south axis, if not put together with the strewn field of the Imilchil meteorite (4) these two structures might be the result of the fall of the same and only mother meteorite of the IIAB type.
    Agoudal, Impact Crater, Isli, Meteorite, Morocco, Strewn Field