D.L. Bulathsinghala, K A I L Wijewardena Gamalath, Planck Scale Potential Associated with Particles, ILCPA Volume 16, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 16)
    As the particles originating from point-like entities are associated with infinite self energies, a postulate, that the scalar-potential associated with particles are bounded by a Planck scale potential is introduced. By defining the self energy of a particle, equivalences between charge-energy and mass-energy are obtained. The electromagnetic energy-momentum equation, de-Broglie’s electromagnetic wave-length and frequency for a charge particle in motion are presented resolving the “4/3” discrepancy. The non-covariance nature of the present classical electrodynamics is discussed and how the proposed postulate makes it a fully covariant theorem with the rest of the classical electrodynamics is presented. A way electromagnetic energy-momentum equation could potentially resolve the stability-problem of a charge particle is discussed and thereby a theoretical explanation to electron’s spin is presented.
    Charge-Energy Equivalence, De-Broglie’s Wave Length, Electromagnetic Momentum, Energy-Momentum Relation, Mass-Energy Equivalence, Planck Scale Potential