Mohammad Reza Farahani, On Multiple Zagreb Indices of Dendrimer Nanostars, ILCPA Volume 52, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 52)
    In this paper, we focus on the structure of an infinite class of Dendrimer Nanostars<i> D<sub>3</sub>[n]</i> (<i>n≥0 </i>is infinite integer) and counting its First Multiple Zagreb index and Second Multiple Zagreb index. The <i>Multiple Zagreb </i>topological indices are equal to <i>PM<sub>1</sub>(G)=(d<sub>v</sub>+d<sub>v</sub>) </i>and <i>PM<sub>2</sub>(G)=(d<sub>v</sub>×d<sub>v</sub>), </i>where <i>d<sub>v </sub></i>is the degree of a vertex <i>v</i>.

    Dendrimer Nanostars, Molecular Graphs, Multiple Zagreb Indices, Zagreb Indices