Zdzisław Pluta, Tadeusz Hryniewicz, Kinetics, Dynamics and Energy of Solid on the Example of a Tool Fixed Flexibly: Part 3 – Energy, ILCPA Volume 15, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 15)
    This work is a continuation of the problems of kinetics and dynamics of solid on the example of a tool fixed flexibly under cutting. Present work is concerned on the development of work and energy. A special attention has been paid to the work description by underlying a distinctness and lack of connection with the energy notion. Polarization of these two magnitudes has been revealed. An adequate and extended definition of energy in general, with mechanical energy in particular, is formulated. There are three kinds of mechanical energy considered, located on the stable static potential field being one of the limits of the machining space-time. They are the following energies: repel, inertial, and gravitational. Proper measures/potentials have been assigned to these energies, treating the energy as a mental notion, having no physical meaning in contrast to the potential as the physical magnitude.
    Energy, Machining Space-Time, Mechanics, Potential, Potential Field, Tool, Work