Mahesh Edirisinghe, Dammith Rupasinghe, C. Prasad Jinadasa, Design Methods of Lightning Protection Systems by Keeping Aesthetic View of Architecturally Complex Structures, ILCPA Volume 52, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 52)
    The primary focus of this study is to understand design methods of appropriate lightning protection systems (LPS) for architecturally complex structures without any harmful affect to its aesthetic view. Two sites selected for this study consisting of architecturally complex structures named ‘<i>Kuruluduwa Suspension Foot Bridge</i>’ located in Matara, Sri Lanka (6.05No/80.20Eo) and ‘<i>National Planetarium Building</i>’ located in Colombo, Sri Lanka (6.95No/79.85Eo). Average lightning flash density for these two locations were 2.5 flyr<sup>-1</sup>km<sup>-2</sup> and 2.3 flyr<sup>-1</sup>km<sup>-2</sup> respectively. Different design methods were used to identify the most suitable LPS, based on the area of protection afforded by each one. After analyzing those two sites, it was able to introduce proper LPS for both sites by keeping architectural design as it is with no change for its aesthetic view. This study shows possibility of achieving this challenging task even for already constructed structures with present LPS standards successfully. When designing the architectural part of the structure, the architect should concern both on the visual appearance and the LPS. Creating a miniature model of the structure would be another suggestion which could be used to find the actual visual impact of the design and as well as to validate the protection system.
    Lightning, Lightning Protection, Structural Protection, Suspension Bridge Protection