Chandra Bala Sekharan, M. Prasada Rao, M. Mahesh, I. Chandramouli, J. Seemanth, Determination of the Dexlansoprazole in Bulk and Spiked Human Plasma by Extraction Spectrophotometry, ILCPA Volume 52, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 52)
    This paper describes a simple extraction spectrophotometric method for the quantification of dexlansoprazole in bulk and spiked human plasma. This method involves formation of stable yellow colored chloroform extractable ion-pair complex of the amino derivative of dexlansoprazole with acid dye, namely methyl orange in acidic medium. The ion-pair complexes exhibit absorption maxima at 425 nm. Dexlansoprazole can be determined up to 4-40 μg/mL by the proposed method. The effect of optimum reagent concentration was studied. The relative standard deviations (≤1. 246%) obtained in the intra-day and inter-day analyses were found to be satisfactory. The accuracy results exhibited the mean recovery and percentage error in the range of 99.137%–100.574% and 0.012%–0.863%. When applied for the assay of the dexlansoprazole in spiked human plasma sample, recovery mean values ranged from 96.495–98.960%. The proposed method is useful for the estimation of the dexlansoprazole in bulk and human plasma samples.
    Dexlansoprazole, Methyl Orange, Spectrophotometry, Spiked Plasma Sample