Jakub Czajko, Mathematical Gateway to Complementary Hidden Variables in Macrophysics, ILCPA Volume 50, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 50)
    It is shown that even physically meaningful and experimentally confirmed formulas of physics and mathematics can be extended by enabling some previously unrecognized (or considered as just fixed) parameters to either vary independently and thus reveal them as previously hidden variables or to turn them into fixed exposure functions whose cumulative impact varies along yet another formerly hidden variable. Uncovering of hidden variables requires (new) synthetic approach to mathematics. The need for revealing hidden variables is prompted mainly by unanticipated experimental results, whose more precise outcomes apparently challenge the previously espoused paradigms upon which those simpler former formulas had been established. Operational rules of calculus can reveal the hidden variables that could extend the laws of classical physics whose predictions disagree with new experimental evidence. Presence of such variables has already been confirmed in several experiments.
    Complementary Variables, Enhancing Laws of Nature, Hidden Variables